Relocation Incentives

For those businesses that conform to APZ-1 uses, the City of Virginia Beach can offer the following incentives to facilitate a move or expansion in this area of the City.

Waiver of Conditional Use Permit

  • New compatible uses may be located within APZ-1 without a conditional use permit even if the use would otherwise require a use permit under applicable provisions of the City Zoning Ordinance.

In order to qualify, the proposed use must conform to certain design criteria intended to ensure an organized and aesthetically pleasing appearance that would not adversely affect residential neighborhoods or other property in the area. By avoiding the necessity of obtaining a conditional use permit from the City Council, a proposed project can receive all necessary City approvals in a significantly shorter period of time than if a use permit is required.

Business Opportunity Zone – Rebates BPOL Taxes and Fees

  • The ordinance created a Business Opportunity zone that provides a 90% rebate of the Business License tax (BPOL) for a period of 15 years for any compatible use in APZ-1, and
  • Reimbursement of fees for building permits, site plan applications, water and sewer connections and sub-division permit

In order to qualify for the rebates, a proposed conforming business must be located in APZ-1 and conform to the design criteria mentioned above.

Partial Property Tax Exemption

  • The ordinance provides a partial real estate tax abatement for the qualifying properties that are rehabilitated, renovated or replacement of program conforming properties commercial or industrial improvements resulting in the conversion of a Nonconforming use to a conforming use in APZ-1.

The difference in the assessed value of the building before and after renovation is subject to real estate tax forgiveness for a period of 15 years.