APZ-1 and Clear Zone Acquisition Program

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I am interested in selling my property in the APZ-1 and Clear Zone Acquisition Program. Please determine whether my property qualifies.

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1. Tenants:

Are there tenants on any portion of the property to be sold to the City?
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If yes, the tenant must vacate by the date of closing. Please answer the following:
A. What is the rent per month?
B. Is there a written lease with the tenant? If yes, please provide a copy to the City.
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C. Please provide tenant name(s) and contact information:
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2. Possession of the Property:

You must deliver possession (and turn over the keys) of the property on the date of closing. The closing date usually occurs within 90 days after the Agreement of Sale is signed by all parties, absent unusual circumstances. If you need additional time, please check the appropriate box below to arrange for a lease back from the City (written lease to be signed with your closing documents).
I need more time to vacate
I will vacate the property on or before the closing date

3. Navy Settlement:

Were or are you a party to a lawsuit against the United States of America, the Navy and/or the Department of Justice involving the property to be sold to the City?
Yes    No
If yes, please answer the following questions:
A. Is the matter resolved?
Yes    No
B. If you were paid a settlement, what was the amount of the settlement?

Notice: The City may reduce the dollar value of its offer based upon the value that you may have received for a settlement with the Department of Justice of the Navy. This is due to the fact that rights may have been conveyed to the United States, which affect the subject property as a result of a settlement. Failure to disclose the participation in a lawsuit or settlement may delay your closing and may necessitate a re-negotiation of your contract. You agree to update this information and provide to the City of Virginia Beach, Public Works Real Estate Department if there are any changes prior to closing.

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