Virtual Maps

The following General Land Use Plan Maps detail the Accident Potential Zone (APZ-1) / Clear Zone (CZ) Master Plan and Sub-Areas. An interactive map component is coming soon.

PDF APZ-1 / CZ Master Plan
PDF APZ-1 / CZ Sub-Area A
PDF APZ-1 / CZ Sub-Area B
PDF APZ-1 / CZ Sub-Area C
PDF APZ-1 / CZ Sub-Area D
PDF APZ-1 / CZ Sub-Area E

Other related issues:

Please contact the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development to determine how AICUZ and Navy Easements may effect your property of interest.

PDF Navy Restrictive Easement Map

Property Search

The VBgov Map Search page allows users to search by the property address. Follow directions below to find out if your property is in an AICUZ zone:


  1. Click on the "Search" icon.

  2. Enter the property address in the Search box and hit Enter.

  3. If only one address is found, the Results will display and the map will zoom to that location. If more than one result displays, click the ‘Highlight this Item on Map’ icon to zoom to that location.

  4. The system will display the map zoomed to the selected property. An 'Identify' bubble will be displayed on the property.

  5. Click on the 'Show Details' icon in the list of results to display the information about the property. It includes the AICUZ and the Flood Zones.

  6. You can also use the identify tool to click anywhere on the map and get information about a property. Expand the listed information similar to the Search results to see the AICUZ and Flood Zone data:

  7. To display the AICUZ or Flood Zone data on top of the property, turn the AICUZ or Flood Zone layers on in the Services & Layers list:

For additional instructions on how to use the VBgov Map Search site click here.

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